The German Neurodermatitis Foundation sponsors the project CAMATOP (Complementary Medicine in ATOPic Dermatitis) at the Charité Berlin, which is an exploratory study on the scientific investigation of complementary medical therapy methods (osteopathy and acupuncture) for atopic dermatitis. Charité Berlin is the largest and most famous university clinic in Germany. The clinical trial runs from now until November 2018.
Charité Berlin is looking for people who would like to take part in this study, so, if you would like more information, you can click on the following link (in German only):
(also linked from: Funding provided by the “Deutsche Neurodermatitis Stiftung” for the study amounts to €175,000.

The German Neurodermatitis Foundation is interested in funding further projects of a similar nature. If you work in the field of complementary medicine, would like to perform research in neurodermatitis or have other ideas for improving the lives of neurodermatitis sufferers, then please contact us. We also look forward to receive donations to help support even more interesting projects.
Please read our Funding Guidelines for the Foundation here (in german language).